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Gold Country Bird Society

About Us

They elected to establish the Society for the two main purposes of:

  1. Promoting the breeding of all types of birds.
  2. Education of our members, elected representatives, and the public at large.

The main intent is to have a good time, learn from one another, and become better keepers and breeders of the birds we care for.

Business is conducted at "board meetings" held separate and apart from the "general" monthly meetings, thus devoting the general meeting to education via shared experiences, speakers, slide presentations, "bird of the month" profiles, "round robins" and the like.

The Society also sponsors sexing clinics and prints a monthly bulletin, Birds' Eye View, filled with many educational articles and Society information. The Society is a member of the American Federation of Aviaculture (AFA).   The Society is a non-profit organization. All monies received by dues, raffles, fifty-fifty, donations, drawings, and auctions. Most events are scheduled and held at the monthly meetings.

These are fun events and enjoyed by all. The Society also enjoys activities such as an annual picnic, ice cream social, Christmas potluck and gift exchange.


The Gold Country Bird Society meets on the third Friday of each month, in El Dorado from 7 to 10 pm at the El Dorado Community Church, 4701 Church Street in El Dorado, CA.

More Info

Joan Malia -


The Gold Country Bird Society holds a Gold Country Bird Mart every year in late September.  There is also a display tent at the local El Dorado County Fair every June. The Society also sponsors the county wide 4H project called the Caged Bird Project which holds a youth bird show at the fair every year.


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