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Downstate Central Illinois Bird Club

About Us

The Downstate Central Illinois Bird Club is an organization dedicated to preserving exotic birds in captivity and in the wild, parrot conservation, avian research and the education on the welfare of exotic birds.

The Club strives to provide up-to-date information on proper health care for your bird(s) that includes breeding. feeding, training, taming and environment, as well as other information of interest to bird owners.

D.C.I.B.C is proud of its new organization and members, which include many people who are well acquainted with birds. Some are experienced breeders of birds, pet owners from little canary to the large macaw. D.C.I.B.C members are willing to share their knowledge and to help each other.

D.C.I.B.C. is for any person with an interest in birds, if you are interested in the welfare of exotic birds and their protection from extinction. If you would have an interest in exhibiting birds at a show, if you own one or two or even ten birds, then this club has something to offer you. At our meetings members have the opportunity to meet each other and to make new friends with people who share a common interest.

We will try to publish a newsletter written by members for our club members. It will be filled with numerous informative articles; feature articles on bird health, care and other bird related subjects and classified ads.

Monthly meetings will be held once a month. 

Our club website is


Usually the first Sunday of every month at Dr. Ken Welle's All Creatures Animal Hospital, 2001 North Linview Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801. 

More Info

DCIBC President: Pam Sadler or (217) 586-4295

Treasurer: Kathy (Kate) Grindley at (217) 586-4019

Webmaster: Ken Walker or phone (217) 379-6068


DCIBC is hosting our first bird fair on October 13th.  Below is more info on it.

The Downstate Central Illinois Bird Club shall be sponsoring a bird fair in Urbana, IL on October 13th, 2002! All bird enthusiasts are welcome to attend. Vendors of bird toys and products as well as bird breeders are all encouraged to attend ($15 table fee for vendors). The fair is to be held at the Brookens Center on the corner of Washington and Leirman in Urbana, IL doors will be open from 9am to 4pm.

We encourage all bird breeders and bird product resellers of any type to contact us in regards to signing up as a fair vender. Please note that we will not allow sick or diseased birds on the grounds! If you have birds that are being medicated for an illness, suspected of an illness, showing signs of being sick DO NOT BRING IT for sale at this fair, you will be turned away. Visitors are encouraged not to bring their pet birds to the fair.

Do you breed an unusual breed of softbill or parrot? Well, bring your babies for sale at the fair! It would be nice to see some more unusual birds like Mousebirds, Mynahs and Toucanette's for sale at this fair as well as the standard barrage of finch's, lovebird's, parrotlet's, cockatoo's, doves, macaws, grey's and amazon's.

Vendors may call Pamela Sadler, President (217) 586-4295, John Coleman, Event Cordinator (217) 586-3880.

Vendor forms may be downloaded in word document form at the club website at


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