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Frank Navratil Sr and Eastern Bluebirds...
This web site describes the opinions, experiences experiments, and contributions to Bluebird restoration by Frank Navratil. Included are PVC bird house construction methods, House Sparrow deterrents,... 13 pages found, 11 links found, 291 score

The Bird Page...
Tips on birding and birdwatching... 5 pages found, 9 links found, 1684 score

Other important links.
Alaska Bird Observatory Home Page...
Information about the Alaska Bird Observatory.... 38 pages found, 16 links found, 699 score

Alaska Birding Tours - Wildlife Viewing Ecotours...
Birding and wildlife photography trips on Alaska's Kenai River, Kachemak Bay, Resurection Bay with Alaskan naturalist. ... 2 pages found, 11 links found, 230 score

All About Birds At Our Backyard Birdfeeder...
Ulster Project, Kingsport, Tennessee and Limavady, N. Ireland... 49 pages found, 4 links found, 632 score

American Birding Association home page...
Premier birding organization in N America for active birders: increasing knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of birding, contributing to bird conservation.... 118 pages found, 13 links found, 1519 score

Arcata Kiosk : Welcome to the Arcata Plaza!...
        Annual Spring bird migration festival for Arcata, California     Welcome to Godwit Days - April 2001! Arcata welcomes you to the 6th annual Godwit Days, the three-day Spring migration festiva... 22 pages found, 22 links found, 823 score

Arizona Bird Field Data Resources...
... 82 pages found, 11 links found, 168 score

ASCAR Home Page...
The American Society of Crows and Ravens is an ersatz (dis)organization of bird lovers, focusing on the corvid family.... 35 pages found, 37 links found, 252 score

Aspects - bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, thermometers, bird feeding acc...
Aspects manufactures high quality birdfeeders and window thermometers. Aspects provides bird feeders to suit all your birdfeeding needs. Bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, window feeders.... 24 pages found, 10 links found, 627 score

Aves.Net Index Page...
Natural History Websites by AVES.NET PRODUCTIONS: Ohio Birder Resources | Birds of Ohio | Ohio Birds & Natural History magazine Inland Bird Banding Algaeweb The Ornithological Web Library Kelleys Isl... 212 pages found, 30 links found, 832 score

Avian & wild bird feeders (nectar feeders, tube feeders, wood feeders) & bi...
Wildbird feeders, bird feeders, bird feeding products, wildbird feeding products at Perky Pet. Wild bird feeders include suet feeders, birdseed feeders, nectar feeders, tube feeders, wood feeders, ... 5 pages found, 0 links found, 993 score

Bird songs on CD from Neville Recording...
Bird Song recordings from Neville Recording Productions: sound clips, birding resources, birding festivals... 15 pages found, 27 links found, 1549 score

Bird Watcher's Digest...
Our Publications Customer Service Birders' Store Search Wholesale FAQs Links Advertising About BWD Commercial Links Mar. Apr. 2000 BWD Many Are Cold Few Are Frozen Antarctic Travel Bird Songs Feeder ... 44 pages found, 49 links found, 914 score

Bird Watching in Norway...
Bird Watching... 51 pages found, 19 links found, 464 score

Bird Watching Tours of Anchorage Alaska...
Visit the Anchorage Birding Hotspots where over 150 species of birds have been sighted. During our tour you will see Anchorage lakes, parks and wetlands where the birding is best this is a half day to... 2 pages found, 1 links found, 528 score

  Today's Forecast Welcome Spring migrant s to your yard   The Wonder of Migration BirdCast is brought to you by these organizations: BirdCast research is supported through a cooperative agreement wi... 34 pages found, 23 links found, 415 score

Please continue to submit your bird counts! While we will no longer provide predictions and analyses based upon NEXRAD images, we are still eager to receive your observations. Thanks, The BirdSource ... 34 pages found, 24 links found, 521 score is a great resource for bird pictures, birding locations and birdwatching links. Regularly updated photos; growing places to bird database; working links.... 757 pages found, 13 links found, 1143 score

Birdquest, Bird Watching holidays...
Professionally guided birding tours worldwide. Peruse our catalog and trip reports online and see why we are the leaders!... 2 pages found, 1 links found, 780 score

Fireworks Splice HTML... 8 pages found, 17 links found, 350 score

Birds in my Backyard ...
Here is a list of birds that I have seen in my Northern Virginia backyard. ... 0 pages found, 0 links found, 0 score

Birds of Kauai: Main Page...
Best viewed at 800x600 Resolution 'Anianiau - photo by Jim Denny The Hawaiian island of Kauai offers the visiting birder many opportunites to add species to his or her life list. More than 80 species... 9 pages found, 11 links found, 192 score

Birds of Oklahoma...
All about Oklahoma's birds, bird photography, and birding information... 48 pages found, 19 links found, 2976 score

Birds of Prey by Accipiter Enterprises...
Welcome to the Wild World of... From Educational Birds of Prey 15209 165th Rd. Live Oak, FL 32060 (904) 776-1960 e-mail International Falconry Academy Falconry Apprentice Workshop Medieval & Historic... 7 pages found, 7 links found, 177 score

birds, bird photos, bird photographs...
- EXTENSION Last updated: June 22, 2000: numerous gull images text added. This is an extension to my main URL at ~upupa; The Gulls Section has now been moved to this domain. For my ... 124 pages found, 5 links found, 212 score - the ultimate guide to birds and bird watching... 236 pages found, 38 links found, 532 score

Birdwatch America...
Welcome to America's most complete source of information on products and services for retailers in the wild bird feeding and bird watching industry. Birdwatch America publishes an annual... 34 pages found, 27 links found, 364 score

Birdwatching Dot Com - About Wild Birds and Birding...
Birdwatching is your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature. Here are birding tips, software and CDs, birding binoculars and scopes, books, videos, stories and lore.... 87 pages found, 6 links found, 512 score

Blue Tits in BirdBox 39...
Wildlife in Box 39   My home is situated in the town of Aldershot, Hampshire, UK. Six years ago I decided to build a bird box arrangement at the bottom of my garden that would allow me to monitor any... 24 pages found, 3 links found, 165 score

BLUEBIRD-L REFERENCE GUIDE, Everything about Bluebirds...
The Bluebird Guide website for the Bluebird-L Mailing List, Cornell Listserv... 15 pages found, 62 links found, 1016 score

Bluebirds Forever - a nature store for bluebirds lovers!...
Bluebirds Forever - a nature store for bluebird lovers! Featuring bluebird houses, bluebird feeders, gifts and free information on attracting more bluebirds to your garden.... 20 pages found, 3 links found, 518 score

Bob Ekblad's Minnesota Birding Home Page...
Information about birds and birding in Minnesota, including the Rochester and Olmsted County areas... 62 pages found, 408 links found, 360 score

Canandaigua Nature Company, Inc....
Canandaigua's Most Unique Gift Shop. Located in a historic firehouse. We offer many wild bird products and garden treasures.... 79 pages found, 11 links found, 923 score

Cardinal Corner - wild bird and gift store...
A wild bird and gift store selling seed, feeders, baths, fountains, and squirrel baffles... 5 pages found, 2 links found, 1819 score

Colorado Bird Observatory | Conserving birds of the Rocky Mountains and Gre...
Conserving birds of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains through research and public education.... 34 pages found, 9 links found, 1934 score

Fat Birder...
a site of interest to birders and bird watching enthusiasts that contains regional birding information, classifieds, photos, trip reports, guides, books, tours, clubs and associations... 28 pages found, 18 links found, 525 score
Welcome to, where birders of all levels can share travel tips, essays, advice, site guides and information for birdwatchers on the move. ... 86 pages found, 102 links found, 368 score

FifthDayCreations - A community for the birding enthusiasts...
Put a little nature in your backyard. Fifth Day Creations features articles, discussion groups and supplies for the birders and birding enthusiasts.... 105 pages found, 12 links found, 819 score

Finch's Dee-Lite...
Bird feeder - 20 perch - designed for wild Finches.... 6 pages found, 2 links found, 3622 score

Frank Navratil Sr and Eastern Bluebirds...
This web site describes the opinions, experiences experiments, and contributions to Bluebird restoration by Frank Navratil. Included are PVC bird house construction methods, House Sparrow deterrents,... 13 pages found, 11 links found, 291 score

Heritage Farms - Nature Oriented Products...
Heritage Farms Nature Oriented Products - bird feeders, squirrel proof bird feeders, squirrel feeders ... 12 pages found, 1 links found, 2188 score

Home Page...
... 39 pages found, 0 links found, 3736 score

Homepage Bird Songs International BV...
Bird Songs International BV Bird Songs International BV is a Dutch company dedicated to producing and marketing CD-ROMs about birds and other animals. have a look at the CD-ROM "Birds of Tropical Asi... 35 pages found, 4 links found, 410 score

Click Here for the entire KOS website Quick Links and Recent Updates Archives and information about our state birding listserv (KSBIRD-L) Kansas Bird Record Committee information and our electronic b... 42 pages found, 24 links found, 269 score

bird stamps, kingfisher, kingfishers, kingfisher stamps, kingfishers in philately,... 224 pages found, 13 links found, 525 score

Interpretive Birding Bulletin Provides behaviour...
Interpretive Birding -- Online provides information on behaviour for the wild bird enthusiast. Also provides subscribers with access to the interpretive birding bulletin.... 7 pages found, 0 links found, 437 score

Janet Egan's Home Page...
Welcome to Janet Egan's Web Site Piping Plover Plum Island Bird List ... 150 pages found, 107 links found, 160 score

Kiwi page...
information about the kiwi bird... 9 pages found, 11 links found, 3695 score

LBJ Ent. Home Page...
Welcome to "Anything and everthing to do with birds..." About :LBJ Enterprises offers biological consulting, birdwatching tours, birdwatching classes, bird books and birding resources for Northern Ca... 15 pages found, 24 links found, 133 score

Learn to Attract Birds: Join the National Bird Feeding Society...
          Engage a source of bird feeding information unlike any other. Discover the advantage thousands of people already have: learning how to make bird feeding better - for people and the birds. J... 42 pages found, 52 links found, 1049 score

Migratory Bird Conservancy...
The Migratory Bird Conservancy is the only program devoted exclusively to conservation of birds and their habitats.... 19 pages found, 19 links found, 2005 score

Neotropical Bird Club...
  August 1999 - News Bulletin board - can you help? NBC Conservation awards - latest awards Cotinga 12 is published, contents include: Photospot: Colombian Screech-owl The birds of Abra Patricia and ... 25 pages found, 1 links found, 504 score

New England Nature Expo...
  Birdwatch America is pleased to help bring you two of the finest birding and nature festivals in the country. New England Nature Expo September 24, 25, 26th 1999 Durham, New Hampshire Beginner work... 17 pages found, 2 links found, 246 score

New Mexico Ornithological Society...
New Mexico Ornithological Society About the Society Publications & Sales HotLine Checklist Bird Records Committee Other Links 38th Annual Meeting, 25 March 2000, Information Available Black-throated ... 48 pages found, 43 links found, 182 score

OBC | home...
Introducing Oriental Bird Club, for birders and ornithologists dedicated to wild Oriental birds and their conservation: how to join, club news, sales, Bulletin articles, photos and artwork.... 73 pages found, 4 links found, 127 score

Ocean Wanderers - Angus Wilson's Bird Identification Resource...
Bird Identification, seabirds, pelagic birds, gulls, albatross, shearwater, storm-petrel, skua, jaeger, rare birds, wagtail, birds, auks, alcids, pterodroma, tern, twitching, shorebirds, Roger Tory Pe... 252 pages found, 74 links found, 410 score

Ornithology : The science of birds in the wild....
Ornithology: the science of birds- emphasizes scientific information on wild birds with emphasis on conservation and education.... 41 pages found, 300 links found, 1477 score

Peregrine Northwest Home Page...
Brian Bell's Washington Northwest bird guiding services... 19 pages found, 5 links found, 368 score

Pleasant Hill, CA Wild Birds Unlimited...
Wild Birds Unlimited in Pleasant Hill California is your source backyard birding, including custom seed blends, feeders, nesting boxes, gifts, CD's, tapes, binoculars and books. Our certified birdfeed... 29 pages found, 30 links found, 363 score

Point Reyes Bird Observatory...
Home page for the Point Reyes Bird Observatory... 63 pages found, 123 links found, 569 score

Puffin tours to Machias Seal Island from Cutler, Maine - Bold Coast Charter...
Bold Coast Charter Company in Cutler, Maine is your first stop to Machias Seal Island - largest puffin colony in Maine - offering puffin and seabird watching excursions as well as sightseeing trips al... 8 pages found, 2 links found, 305 score

Purple Martin Conservation Association...
This is the homepage of the Purple Martin Conservation Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the North American Purple Martin.... 83 pages found, 5 links found, 197 score

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory...
... 54 pages found, 93 links found, 4510 score

Santa Cruz Bird Club...
    Santa Cruz Bird Club   The Santa Cruz Bird Club was founded in 1956.  The Club sponsors walks in and around the county of Santa Cruz, boat trips on Monterey Bay, summer picnics and annual dinners... 41 pages found, 19 links found, 273 score

South East Bird News - Home Page...
 Competitively priced UK national news and    regional SE news sent as text messages to your  mobile phone. Watch this space! 09068 700 240 Up-to-the-minute, reliable and comprehensive bird news from... 7 pages found, 7 links found, 492 score

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory...
Information on birds and birding in southeastern Arizona.... 34 pages found, 55 links found, 2049 score

Stuart Healy, Western U.S. Bird Guide, specializing in Southeast Arizona....
Specializing in Southeast Arizona   Personal Guiding          Scheduled Tours          Custom Tours Whether you're just getting started in birding, or you're an experienced birder looking for a few h... 87 pages found, 40 links found, 224 score - World Birding News - Wild Birds and Birding...

Texas Bird Records Committee Home Page...
Java Enabled TBRC home page | TOS home page | Search | Contact TBRC | Help Please address comments about our web site to All original contents copyright, 1997. All rights reserved. .... 150 pages found, 88 links found, 277 score

Texas Gulf Coast Birding and Naturalist Web...
For those interested in birds, butterflies, herps, wildflowers and or environmental conservation in Texas, we are compiling articles, checklists, maps and links.... 39 pages found, 124 links found, 519 score

The Aviary...
Welcome to the AVIARY. This web site is dedicated to lovers of birds. In the table is a list of the birds currently covered at this site. I hope you will enjoy the information I have gathered. Thank ... 73 pages found, 6 links found, 224 score

The Best Purple Martin House , The Best Purple Martin Houses are a perfect ...
the Best Purple Martin House - S&K Manufacturing,Inc offers Affordable Products which include Purple Martin Houses and Finch Feeders as well as non birding products... 7 pages found, 9 links found, 1004 score

The Bird Page...
Tips on birding and birdwatching... 5 pages found, 9 links found, 1684 score

The BirdGuides Website - quality bird information...
Provide UK Rare Birds News, downloadable footage, Produce bird CDROMs, Videos, Books... 16 pages found, 0 links found, 2404 score

The Birds of North America...
What is BNA? Sample Profiles Acclaimed by:   Biologists   Librarians   Reviewers What's available   Now    Alphabetically    Taxonomically   Soon Key Features Bird facts Subscription Specials!   Bird... 50 pages found, 4 links found, 121 score

The Hummingbird Society...
... 63 pages found, 25 links found, 598 score

The Nutty Birdwatcher - Eastern US Birds...
The Nutty Birdwatcher offers information on birdwatching, Eastern US Birds, wild bird food feeder preferences, suet receipes, natural foods of birds, backyard bird feeding, spring and fall bird migrat... 73 pages found, 106 links found, 1394 score

The Owl Pages - About Owls - photos, calls, books, art, mythology and more....
Everything to do with owls. Detailed descriptions of different species, including photos and sounds. Also includes mythology, art, books, collectables and more.... 72 pages found, 144 links found, 455 score

The Virtual Birder ®...
The Virtual Birder®: The Internet Magazine for Birders Explore birding hotspots and test your identification skills with our interactive birding simulations of birding hotspots. You'll also find: Art... 176 pages found, 52 links found, 387 score - An online community for birders.... is a website where birders can share stories, photos, art and discussion.... 29 pages found, 48 links found, 124 score

Theme Birds on Stamps...
Information related to collecting birds on stamps. Presenting BirdStamps - the complete listing of whole world bird stamps issues.... 591 pages found, 43 links found, 382 score

Vari Crafts Bird Feeders...
Vari-Crafts is a leading manufacturer of birdfeeders, birdhouses, and bird feeding products. We specialize in squirrel-proof and squirrel-resistant birdfeeders.... 9 pages found, 0 links found, 2259 score

View Nesting Birds...
View Nesting Birds Each of the listed sites features "live" video and or updated photographs of a pair of nesting birds. You can follow the efforts of the parents and the progress of the young by per... 3 pages found, 77 links found, 159 score

Welcome to
WINGMASTERS is a partnership of two people dedicated to increasing public understanding and appreciation of North American birds of prey. Julie Anne Collier and Jim Parks are both licensed raptor reha... 49 pages found, 11 links found, 415 score

Whitefish Point Bird Observatory...
Please direct your comments and questions to: Keith F. Saylor Website Administrator ... 2 pages found, 0 links found, 7211 score

Wild Bird Feeding Institute...
Voice of the Wild Bird Feeding Industry. Latest updates: March 3, 2000   Register for the WBFI Spring 2000 Conference. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ... 21 pages found, 35 links found, 482 score

Wild Bird House...
Large selection of backyard birding items for the lowest prices with secure online ordering! We have bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, plus hummingbird, bluebird, oriole, bat, butterfly, purple ... 72 pages found, 4 links found, 3183 score

Wild Birds for the 21st Century--Conservation and Gardening for Birds...
Conservation and gardening for birds to create oases -- with emphasis on migratory land birds and Hummers. Useful information for laymen and children; bird profiles, and commentary. ... 120 pages found, 6 links found, 225 score -- Answers to Your Bird Questions!... has the answers for backyard birders. Learn how to attract birds. Discover the secrets of feeding wild birds!... 69 pages found, 111 links found, 2349 score

Wildlife Gardening at the Family of Nature WebSites...
Welcome to the Wildlife Gardening WebSite! We have assembled a guide to some great articles on wildlife gardening. So take a look around and learn how you can turn your own backyard into a haven for ... 6 pages found, 14 links found, 141 score

WINGS 2000 CATALOG - Birdwatching Tour, Birding Travel...
WINGS is a birdwatching tour company offering a 28th year of small group birding travel in 60 countries on seven continents. Our birding tours use highly competent professional leadership and cater ... 115 pages found, 1 links found, 424 score

WSO Web Server...
Web sites on the WSO Web Server Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey ... 196 pages found, 1 links found, 2500 score

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