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Breeders of several species of parrots, specifically chosen for their pet potential.  All our baby birds are Hand Fed and socialized, and housed close to family activity.  After weaning the birds are fed a variety of foods;  pellets, rice, pasta, beans, fruit and vegetables, and seed.  As with any purchase, an informed decision is the best decision.  A pet bird may live from 10 to 50 years so it is important for you to learn as much as you can before you buy a bird from anyone.  We will help supply that information and point to other sources.  We are also members of SPBE, BOAF, AFA, and NCS. Contact Us.
  • We are now also Bird Supply of New Hampshire.  Visit our online store to purchase fine products from Cede, Higgins, Quiko, Pretty Bird, Vetafarm, Zupreem and our own Bird Toys & Parts. 

  • We are also the supplier of the new Airfree Air Sterilizer, the safe and effective way to Purify the air you and your birds breath with no harmful ozone emissions. To learn more Click Here

Checkout the New Cockatiel Mutation Project at The Parrot Pages :
Where you will be able to find links to pictures on most Cockatiel Mutations available on the web. Visitors can enter links to their pictures too! It's just starting out so if you have great pictures you want to share add them to the project. Over 200 Links!


Congo African Grey
(Psittacus erithacus)

Congo African Grey - Click for more info.

Senegal Parrot - Click for more info.

Senegal Parrot
(Poicephalus senegalus)
Brown-Head Parrot
(Poicephalus cryptoxanthus)

Brownhead1.jpg (39188 bytes)


Exhibition Quality

(Nymphicus hollandicus)
cinn1601_101201_2.jpg (40448 bytes)

wf12_101201.jpg (82038 bytes)


Best Cockatiel and Best Parrot in Show PCBS 6-12-04

Normal Grey
Whiteface (WF)
Whiteface Pearl
Whiteface Pied
WF Cinnamon Pearl
Albino - Whiteface/Lutino
Cinnamon Pied

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